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Pay as you go model

Our payment model is designed with your success in mind: you only incur a charge when you receive payment from your clients. This ensures that our services are aligned with your financial well-being and business growth.

Moving to us is too easy!

Reseller Cloud Hosting features

The ideal hosting environment combines power and flexibility with user-friendliness. It comes loaded with essential features such as backups, and SSL certificates as standard inclusions.

Fully managed
No technical expertise is needed. Our team handles all server management to guarantee fast and secure hosting services for you.
Fully whitelabel
Establish and operate your personalized web hosting enterprise, showcasing your unique brand identity. Our complete reseller hosting system is white-labeled, ensuring that your clientele remains unaware of our presence.
24/7 Support
Communicate with our team anytime through our support ticket system. Our dedicated technical team is here to assist you around the clock, every day of the year.
Free migrations
We have the capability to transition your websites from external providers to our own platform. If you wish, we can commence the migration process promptly.


ResellerTown CDN ensures global reach. Utilizing data centers worldwide accelerates site browsing speed and offers top-notch protection against cyber threats. With us, your site remains resilient against DDOS attacks and stays accessible around the clock.


Create a website
in one click

Effortlessly create stunning and professional websites with our user-friendly one-click software solution. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, our intuitive platform streamlines the website creation process, allowing you to bring your vision to life with ease.

ResellerTown Features

Reseller Cloud Hosting Features

Experience the industry's quickest hardware and software, seamlessly supported by top-notch technical assistance worldwide, and trusted by a multitude of users.

Free Setup
We will setup your hosting for free only in 1 mins.
Most Secure
We protect your websites with 256 Bit Encryption.
Faster Performance
48x faster with boost features for all plans.
Virus And Spam Protection
Blocks spam and viruses from your inbox.
Winning Support 24/7
We will support you night and day everyday.
Uptime Guarantee
We guarantee your website over 99% uptime.
Free Daily Backups
We will auto backup your website content daily.
Moneyback Guaranteed
You can offer your clients 7 Days Money Back Guarantee.
Comprehensive Solution

ResellerTown - Your Business Partner for Success

Exclusive Domain & Hosting Reseller Discounts
One-Click Upgrade, Any Time
100% White-Label Reseller Hosting
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Scalable Cloud Hosting

Deliver lightning-fast load times to all customers with our exclusive autoscaling cloud hosting. Engineered for peak speed, effortlessly manage high traffic volumes without any slowdowns on your site.

Hosting with high availability

Our cloud platform dynamically scales adjusts, and balances requests to guarantee website uptime. By eliminating LVE limits, your customers will never encounter the dreaded 'Resource Limit Reached' warnings.

High-Level Security

Experience peace of mind with our built-in security features and DDoS protection. Our platform seamlessly integrates protection against both volumetric Layer 3/4 and sophisticated Layer 7 attacks.

Who can benefit from Reseller Cloud Hosting?

Who can benefit from Reseller Town?

Is your business aiming to broaden its reach and boost sales? Reseller Town might just be the ideal platform for you. Come on board to unlock a realm of opportunities for business growth and engagement with potential customers!

Graphic designer business
Graphic designer business offers a wide range of creative services, including logo design, branding, web design, and print materials.
Web Development business
A business specializing in web development services, catering to clients seeking custom websites, web applications, and e-commerce solutions.
Hosting business
Hosting a business involves providing services related to server hosting, website hosting, domain registration, email hosting, security services.

Looking to optimize your website for lightning-fast speed?

Delve into our Cloud Hosting solutions to boost loading times and overall performance, elevating online visibility and engagement.

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We provide you with premium tools to help you achieve peak performance for both your website and your clients.

PageSpeed Insights - Google
Pingdom Tools
Enhance your website's performance by effortlessly implementing top-notch
HTML Optimisation
HTML Optimization involves streamlining the structure and content of HTML code to enhance website performance, user experience, and search engine visibility.
Optimizing images
Optimizing images is a crucial aspect of digital content creation and web design.
CSS Optimization
CSS Optimization involves the process of refining and streamlining Cascading Style Sheets to enhance website performance and loading times.
JavaScript Optimisation
JavaScript optimization involves refining the code to enhance its efficiency, speed, and overall performance.

Reseller Cloud Hosting plans price

No hidden fees in all plans with the cheapest price in its class and High-quality services.



For personal projects

10 Gb Disk Space
No LVE Limits
Unmetered Bandwidth


For medium size websites

100 Gb Disk Space
No LVE Limits
Unmetered Bandwidth


Optimized for peak performance.

Unlimited Disk Space
No LVE Limits
Unmetered Bandwidth

Compare our plans

Choose your best plan for your business. You can upgrade or downgrade whenever you want.

Disk Space

SSDs in general are more reliable than HDDs

10 GB
100 GB

How many websites you can host on the plan.

FTP Accounts

How many FTP accounts you can create on the plan.

MySQL Databases

How many FTP accounts you can create on the plan.


How many Subdomains you can create on the plan.

E-mail accounts

How many E-mail accounts you can create on the plan.


Database Manager phpMyAdmin

Antivirus & Antispam protection

We focus on blocking the effects of illegal emails.

Free Unlimited SSL Certificates

Free Wildcard SSL Certificates. 256-bit encryption

Multi PHP version

Bulk PHP Version Manager

Free Daily Backups

Auto backup your websites, databases, email ..etc.

Free Migration

Zero downtime and no risk of data loss.

Website Turbo

Enhance website speed to delight both you and your customers with swift delivery.

Hosting Platform features
Load Balanced

Your site stays online, and remains fast.


Fully integrated, Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)

1 Tbps+ DDoS Protection

Enterprise-level protection covers you against DDoS attacks.

Google-Based DNS Servers

All domains hosted with us benefit from Google DNS.

Website acceleration suite

Over 40 performance-boosting features.

If you have specific needs for your website, please contact our sales team for quotes.

Flexible Control Panel

Cloud Hosting Control Panel

The control panel interface empowers you to efficiently oversee your website, E-mail, databases, and file storage with ease. This user-friendly interface is designed for effortless navigation, making prior experience unnecessary.

Hassle-free Management
Application Installer
File Manager
Manage Domains
We will be by your side the whole way

Our Support

Ticket Support
Always online 24/7/365.
More than 500 knowledge base article

High Speed Reseller Cloud Hosting

We provide you with the best tools available to help you achieve the optimal results you are looking for.

PageSpeed Insights - Google

Pingdom Tools




Most frequently asked questions

Your question. Our answer. Also please read our knowledgebase page to know everything about our services and products.

Website hosting is the virtual space on the Internet where your website resides. When visitors access your site, it links to your web hosting account. Additionally, your email messages are stored within your hosting accounts.

You are welcome to utilize any domain with our shared hosting. Simply adjust the domain name settings and DNS. If you're unfamiliar with this process, reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to guide you through it.

Our platform provides a dedicated dashboard for seamless web hosting control. This comprehensive interface empowers users to effortlessly create email accounts, install popular applications such as WordPress and Joomla, analyze web and visitor statistics, and oversee hosting operations. Through the control panel, you can efficiently manage your files, databases, and domains.

Each shared hosting account features a dedicated control panel for seamless website, email, and FTP account management. Our hosting services offer the flexibility to add extra domains and establish autonomous websites, all managed through a single control panel, eliminating the necessity for a second hosting package.

Certainly, and at no cost! We are here to assist you with that. Simply reach out to our technical support team after your purchase to finalize this procedure.

Upon successful payment, the hosting service becomes active instantly. Please note that verification of the payment status may require some time. We thank you for your patience.



Happy customers trusted Reseller Town

Happy customers have put their trust in Reseller Town for years, relying on our top-notch products and exceptional customer service.

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