Payment Methods

Payment Methods

We Want To Make Purchasing Our Services Easy For Everyone So We Provide Multiple Payment Methods

Visa is one of the most popular debit cards, which allows online payments. Having a bank account allows you to own this type of card, and the payment is immediately and safely done.



 Mastercard is also one of the most used cards for online purchases and is considered as a debit card. Payments are immediate:and safe, and you also need a bank account to own this card.



Paypal is a money transfer website that allows its users to transfer money online to different addresses. Users can also transfer money to other users or to a bank account. This e-currency is considered as an alternative to classic currencies and payment methods such as checks and money transfer. 


Coinpass is a digital currency exchange company located in San Francisco. Through which we accept Bitcoin payments, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and many others.