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Free daily backup
Free SSL for all domains
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What makes our cPanel reseller hosting different?

The web hosting with us, more powerfull and secure.

We are committed to supporting you every step of the way. Upon purchasing or registering for any of our services, you will receive immediate, personalized assistance.
Reliability & Improved Servers
By choosing us, your website isn't dependent on a single server. The workload is spread across multiple servers, effectively preventing any server errors. This ensures our 99% uptime guarantee.
Your website will be securely hosted on state-of-the-art Solid State Drives (SSDs), ensuring not only optimal speed and performance but also reliable data storage for an enhanced user experience.
In today's era of cyber vulnerability, safeguarding websites against attacks is crucial. Our servers are meticulously designed to offer robust security features, ensuring the safety of websites and thwarting potential threats.

Multi Locations Servers

We collaborate with top-tier providers worldwide. Opt for a server location in proximity to your visitors for optimal performance.

ResellerTown Features

cPanel reseller hosting Features

Experience industry-leading hardware and software known for its unmatched speed and reliability. Backed by top-tier technical support worldwide, trusted by a vast community of developers.

Free Setup
We will setup your hosting for free only in 1 mins.
Most Secure
We protect your websites with 256 Bit Encryption.
Faster Performance
The incredibly fast LightSpeed web server.
Virus And Spam Protection
Blocks spam and viruses from your inbox.
Winning Support 24/7
We will support you night and day everyday.
Uptime Guarantee
We guarantee your website over 99% uptime.
Free Daily Backups
We will auto backup your website content daily.
Imunify360 malware protection is included as standard on all systems
Affordable prices

cPanel reseller hosting Plans

Unleash Exceptional Capabilities at Highly Competitive Prices.



1 website
5GB SSD storage
Unmetered bandwidth
1GB virtual memory
1 email accounts
Free SSL Certificate


2 website
15GB SSD storage
Unmetered bandwidth
1GB virtual memory
3 email accounts
Free SSL Certificate


10 website
35GB SSD storage
Unmetered bandwidth
2 GB virtual memory
25 email accounts
Free SSL Certificate


20 website
60GB SSD storage
Unmetered bandwidth
2 GB virtual memory
50 email accounts
Free SSL Certificate


Unlimited website
Unlimited NVMe SSD disk space
Unmetered bandwidth
2GB virtual memory
Unlimited email accounts
Free SSL Certificate


Unlimited website
Unlimited NVMe SSD disk space
Unmetered bandwidth
4GB virtual memory
Unlimited email accounts
Free SSL Certificate

How much profit I can get
from cPanel reseller hosting?

*Suppose you sold the following plan ( medium ) 15 times and added $11 as your profit on each sale, in this case, your net profit would be $165

cPanel reseller hosting: Detailed Technical Specifications

We endorse all technical specifications in ResellerTown.

MySQL version (server)5.5, 5.6
MySQL clientYes
Toad for MySQLSupported
MYSQL: MyISAMSupported
MySQL Admin toolsSupported
PHP5.6 To last version 
MySQL version (server)5.5, 5.6
MySQL client5.1.73
ionCube LoaderSupported
PHP Safe ModeSupported
Zend EngineSupported
cURL Library FunctionsSupported
Zend OptimizerSupported
Zend Guard LoaderSupported
mod_rewrite / URL rewriteSupported
Ruby On RailsSupported
Javascripts (only if embedded in HTML)Supported
soap moduleSupported

You are in a safe place
all the time

Our underlying infrastructure is designed to consistently update, ensuring that you will never find yourself stranded with outdated hardware or facing issues due to malfunctioning disks.

Backups are taken every 12 hours and stored offsite, providing you with the assurance that you can depend on us in case of errors or when you need to roll back changes.


No need to fret about transfers or sluggish network speeds. Each server boasts a 1000mbit/sec connection. Your bandwidth won't be restricted, and there are no caps in place.


cPanel reseller hosting Key features

We have intricately designed the premier cPanel web hosting platform to deliver a seamless experience for you and your clients. Our comprehensive solution is tailored to meet all your web hosting requirements with unmatched reliability and performance.

Fully managed
No technical experience required.
Popular & easiest control panel.
Free migrations
Move your websites to ourselves.
One-Click WordPress installation.
Jetbackup Included
Browse, restore and download backups.
NvME servers
With high performance NvME disks.
The incredibly fast LiteSpeed web server.
Malware protection is included.
It couldn't be easier, and it's fully automatic

How processing works?

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cPanel reseller hosting's Whmcs Module

WHMCS module

WHMCS ResellerTown module

Ease of use
Spend less, make more
Reseller Hosting's Whmcs Module


Install our module on your whmcs.


Active our module on your Whmcs.


config the module and start selling.

Starting Your Hosting Business
In a few steps

Extract the integration module and upload it to the reseller's primary directory in WHMCS.

The Reseller has access to the Reseller Area once logged into the provider's client area.
There, you can download the integration module and its documentation and generate and copy any API
details required to activate the integration module in your own system.

Then, you need to set up products that we allow you to resell with the integration module delivered by us.
Defines the pricing (prices must be higher than the ones we have set up to generate income).

One step separates you from offering the product from his system.
You must add funds to your credit balance in our system to be able to pay off the charges and settle the
amounts owed to us for your resold products.

We create an 'add funds invoice' for you, you pay the invoice, and then again we add the same amount to
your credit balance.
From now on, any product can be ordered.

The end Client orders a product from his client area in your system.

Once the payment is complete, details of the ordered product (i.e account credentials) are sent to the end-
client mail address using the selected reseller's welcome email template.

High speed cPanel reseller hosting

We offer top-notch tools to support your journey towards achieving outstanding results and succeeding in your pursuits.

PageSpeed Insights - Google

Pingdom Tools



cPanel Control Panel

cPanel Control Panel

The cPanel control panel interface empowers you to efficiently manage your website, email, databases, and file storage with ease. It offers a user-friendly experience that welcomes both novices and seasoned users alike, requiring no prior expertise.

Hassle-free Management
Application Installer
File Manager
Manage Domains
We will be by your side the whole way

Our Support

Ticket Support
Response Time on average is 45 minutes
Always online 24/7/365.
More than 500 knowledge base article

Most frequently asked questions

Your inquiry, our solution. Explore our knowledgebase for comprehensive insights on our offerings and products.

Reseller Hosting offers you the opportunity to effortlessly host your own clients or kickstart your hosting venture. With our all-in-one Reseller Hosting solution, you can sidestep concerns about hardware and networks, as your customers will be hosted on our servers! Your Reseller account includes a designated amount of disk space and bandwidth that you can distribute among your customers as needed.

We provide an exclusive space for our resellers where they can oversee all aspects – from Hosting and Domains to SSL and more. Your logo will feature prominently across client areas, invoices, and beyond. Our nameserver and control panel are completely white-labeled, ensuring that our name is absent in any context. While it's our servers and teams, the products belong to you.

Anyone can become a reseller with us. We are firm believers that our services provide significant benefits to designers, advertisers, programmers, developers, and more. They can seamlessly integrate hosting into their services without incurring extra costs or risks.

Certainly! Feel free to utilize any domain with our shared hosting. Simply configure the domain name settings and DNS. If you're new to this process, reach out to us for assistance, and we'll be happy to guide you through it.

cPanel is a comprehensive interface designed for effortless creation of E-mail accounts, installation of applications such as WordPress and Joomla, analysis of web and visitor statistics, and overall management of web hosting. This control panel empowers you to efficiently manage your files, databases, and domains.

As previously stated, we operate as a white-label reseller hosting service, meaning we do not engage directly with your clients. Resellers are tasked with offering customer support to their own clientele. However, our team is eager to assist you in resolving any issues. Just submit a ticket with the necessary details, and we will strive to keep your clients satisfied.

Certainly, at no cost! We are here to assist you with this. Once you make a purchase, simply reach out to our technical support team to finalize the procedure.

Support tickets receive a response within an average of 45 minutes, round the clock.

The hosting service is activated promptly upon payment receipt. Please allow some time for payment status verification. Your patience is greatly valued.